1000 Caring People wanted

New Year is the time for resolutions 

We are looking for 1,000 people vowing to contribute HUF 1.000 (~EUR 2.5) each month toward the goal: plant 10 million trees on the principle of 1 person = 1 tree in Hungary. 

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1.000 Ft (~EUR 2.5):

3 scoops of ice cream 

2 hamburgers in McDonald’s

1 latte in Starbucks

Half a pack of cigarettes 

And 1.000 HUF (~EUR 2.5) can also be a small tree in the pasture forest of Bezeréd. 

If we find 1,000 caring people, 12,000 trees will grow and form patches of forest with many tree species, providing shade and protect against wind for the Carpathian badger cattle and other animals native to the pasture. Be one of the 1,000! 

Can you afford more than 1,000 HUF per month? Select the different amount option on the campaign page below.

Will you be one of the 1000 caring person?


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