Leave no young candidate behind

The Young European Greens are getting ready for the most important event of the year, the Green Rave. But our budget to cover the costs of our young candidates is running short.

We must plan ahead of time, and we only have 14 days to secure the funds needed to bring all of our young candidates on 1st of March to Rome for this crucial event. You can help us bring 7 more young candidates to Rome, and ensure they can represent their country  in Europe during this crucial election campaign. 

It is not easy to run for the European Parliament whilst being young. To run an EU electoral campaign is challenging, time-consuming and extremely expensive. Young candidates stand against senior politicians who either already served as MEPs, or rather experienced numerous electoral campaigns and decades of accumulated contacts and supporters, and who can count on considerable financial resources. 

But a European Parliament without young people is an incomplete democratic chamber. Young candidates need our support. 

Young European Greens can count on amazing young candidates from 12 countries who put themselves forward to run for the European Parliament. We secured enough funds to have 7 countries represented in Rome, but we cannot leave the other countries behind. The EU elections are around the corner and as a European family we should stick together. 

We are asking you to support us with basic costs for 7 young candidates to join us in Rome. In particular you can donate to cover:

- The return trip for 7 young candidates to Rome (EUR 150 per person): TOTAL of 1050 EUR

- The accommodation in Rome for 7 candidates for 3 nights (EUR 40 per night per person): TOTAL of 840 EUR

- The meals in Rome for 7 candidates for 2.5 days (EUR 30 for the meals per day per person, or EUR 15 for a meal): TOTAL of 525 EUR

- Miscellaneous costs for better visibility (rental of lights and equipment to shoot high quality content): TOTAL of 285

Offer something to one of our young candidates and we will be able to bring more of them to Rome, to increase their visibility, to train them and to help achieve a truly European campaign. 

For these young candidates to miss out because of where they live would break our hearts, please help us ensure they can be part of this crucial event. Donate now!


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