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Since 2018, we have been running the Equal Place Centrum LGBTQ+ Wrocław at 28/2 Kniaziewicza Street. It is 40m2 of safe, non-commercial space: an office and a meeting room. Here, we organize educational and cultural events that aim to bring our community together. We also arrange meetings with a psychologist, support groups, author meetings, debates, board game nights, Queer Book Club meetings, as well as meetings of the Transparent group, for transgender people and their loved ones. The Center also houses the LGBTQ+ Wrocław Library.

In 2023, we were able to acquire a new, larger space. It is time for a new opening, i.e. a new Equal Place! 40m2 is categorically insufficient for our community! In the New Equal Place we hope to be able to fit everyone in!

Our new Equal Place is 130m2 large and divided into four meeting/office rooms, with a large corridor, a separate kitchen and a toilet. This floor plan will allow us to carry out many meetings and events at the same time. In this space, we will be able to fit in: a workshop and meeting room, a library room and a place allowing for co-working, a consultation room, and an office.

This space will allow us to carry out our regular activities - group meetings, workshops, consultations and individual advice. At the same time, in this space we will also open up to new activities and new groups of recipients. The size of the New Equal Place suits us very well. This is to be our common place; a space where you will be at home and where you can be yourself! However, this place cannot be built without a huge amount of work and resources. We need financial support in order to implement our vision of the New Equal Place. The renovation project of the premises was prepared for us by designers from Jankowski and Opyrchał Pracownia Projektowa. Together we calculated that the total cost of the renovation amount to approximately PLN 150.000.

Total costs:

PLN 20.000 – the renovation of the electrical installation

PLN 20.000 – the renovation of rooms (filling in gaps in the walls and ceilings, painting the walls and such)

PLN 10.000 – the renovation of the plumbing

PLN 30.000 – the renovation or replacement of the floors

PLN 30.000 – the installation of heating and the air conditioning

PLN 30.000 – equipment (for the office, the common area, the teaching area, kitchen furniture, electronic equipment, sanitary equipment)

PLN 10.000 – unexpected costs, emergency funds for emergencies!

Today, we are asking you to support us in the first stages of the renovation process. We are collecting funds for the renovation of the electrical installation, PLN 20,000, as we are unable to move forward without electricity, just like we cannot start working on the New Equal Place without your support.

Support us with a donation. Every amount is important and brings us closer to achieving our goal. The New Equal Place Centrum LGBTQ+ in Wrocław will become a reality thanks to your help.

Let's renovate the New Equal Place together!


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