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My Voice, My Choice is a Europe-wide community of citizens who wish to protect people suffering the consequences of the lack of access to safe abortion care and demand freedom of choice for all women.

We are doing this by proposing a European Citizens’ Initiative to the European Commission for a legislative change to ensure financial support to Member States that would be able to perform safe termination of pregnancies for anyone in Europe who still lacks access to safe and legal abortion.

To do so, we need to reach 1 million signatures.

With your help, we can build a wider network, reach more people and make this change a reality.

Your donation will fuel our efforts to ensure safe abortion care for all women across Europe. 

Every contribution counts <3

Disclaimer: In accordance with Article 17 of the REGULATION (EU) 2019/788 My Voice, My Choice will “provide, for the publication in the register and, where appropriate, on its campaign website, clear, accurate and comprehensive information on the sources of funding for the initiative exceeding EUR 500 per sponsor”. All donations in a total amount of more than 500€ from legal entities will be made public on the ECI webpage, donations from individuals will not be disclosed publicly to protect privacy.

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