Christmas Campaign 2023

Every child has the right to self-discovery. Every child deserves a community that supports their freedom to become their own person.

Refugee children in Greece have metal detectors and barbed wire as their front doors. Opportunities to explore their potential to the fullest have been hindered by years of waiting in harsh limbo – but this doesn’t mean their chance to grow is lost!

In our Scouts programme, no two days are the same. From educational to social-emotional, athletic to artistic, our classes are inspired by children, for children. Through the Scouts programme, refugee children are able to find their interests, likes and dislikes and shape their futures TODAY!

Yahya loves speaking English with his new friends! With 10 euros, you can equip him and 15 other Scouts with notebooks and pencils to tackle their English lessons with confidence!

Zahra loves getting into character and acting! Your 40 euros can give her and 40 other refugee children workshop materials for 2 months, exploring their creativity and emotions. 

Mohammed Ehsan has a new passion for swimming! With 100 euros, you can give him and his fellow Scouts an all-day adventure, fueling their curiosity about the world around them!

Mursal is “crazy happy” when she’s at Scouts! Donating an amount of your choice gives her a programme that sparks her eagerness to learn, granting her the freedom for self-discovery.

Support refugee children growing in our Scouts programme! Your donation gives Yahya, Mursal, and others the freedom to explore themselves and the world outside refugee camps. Make a life-changing impact – donate now!

Together, we can make a difference!


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